The new campaign taking the axe to safety tax

HVP’s Joe Dart spoke to Gas Tag Chief Executive Paul Durose to learn more about the company’s new campaign to remove the VAT charge on domestic safety products.

Be prepared for new controls standards

Additional standards for heating controls come into effect this year and installers need to be prepared for their introduction, says Colin Timmins.

Tax could change in 2018, make sure you know how

Jason Piper explains some of the proposed changes to tax planning that could soon be introduced.

Supplying the right hot water system for the customer

Isaac Occhipinti explains the importance of ensuring a home’s hot water facilities are tailored to the occupants’ needs.

Spotting a counterfeit boiler part

For heating engineers, it’s vital to be able to successfully identify a non-genuine boiler part. David Willetts offers his top tips for spotting a fake part.

Does the Aldous Bill represent a solution to the cash retentions issue?

Cash retentions have become a crippling problem for the construction industry, and a new bill hopes to take the first step in finding a solution. Tom Hogarth reports.

The role of micro-CHPs in the future of the industry

Steve Sutton asks whether fuel cell-based micro-CHPs are likely to play a major role in the key energy solutions of the future.

Learn it all at the Energy Academy

A new state-of-the-art training academy, backed by a major heating contractor, is hoping to drive up standards across the sector. HVP’s Joe Dart visited the centre to find out more.

Dealing with phoenix companies

Sarah Carlton examines the business practice of launching a phoenix company after insolvency.

Heating controls and insulation are most efficient together

Insulation without heating controls only solves half of the energy efficiency puzzle, says Colin Timmins.

Tips for preventing frozen condensate in pipes

Neil Macdonald provides tips for dealing with frozen condensate in pipework.

Should we be making more use of hot water storage systems?

Isaac Occhipinti and Ian Robinson evaluate the performance and advantages of hot water storage solutions.

Solving real problems with the CIPHE's virtual training

Mike Lee explains how a new series of ‘virtual reality’ courses can help improve safety when it comes to the design, installation and maintenance of water-using appliances.

Forging a good customer relationship

Jack Smithson provides advice on how installers can maintain positive relationships with their customers.

What does it take to join Pimlico Plumbers?

Pimlico Plumbers has grown to become one of the most high profile employers in the sector. HVP’s Tom Hogarth sat down with Recruitment Manager Darren Robins to find out what it takes to wear the red and blue uniform.

Family businesses, do you have a succession plan in place?

Independent, family-run businesses are an integral part of British culture. Steph Brown offers some tips on how to make sure there is a succession plan in place for your business.

Are you ready for changes to Building Regulations?

Changes to Building Regulation Part L next year will make more work for installers in the private rented sector, according to Baxi and the APHC. Jennie Ward reports.

Electric showers are back in vogue

Lisa Ward provides six reasons why installers need to stay plugged in to the pros of electric showers.

What you need to know about the impending General Data Protection Regulation

Data protection law has been updated by the European Union and will be in place in less than a year. Despite the Brexit vote, businesses need to note the changes, as the penalties for breaches will be severe and adjusting to the new rules will take time. Adam Bernstein explains the situation.

Testing out Dexters Workwear

HVP recruited Jamie Kenna, of Kenna Plumbing in London, to put products from Dexters Workwear through their paces and see if they stand up to the day-to-day challenges of installer life.

Catching up with the Plumber of the Year

HVP’s Tom Hogarth tracked down Drew Styles, fresh off winning UK Plumber of the Year, to talk about how he got to where he is, and how he continues to improve himself and his business.

Picture credit: C. Hoyer / Shutterstock.com

Stay fire safe

In the wake of the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, installers are being reminded of their fire safety obligations when laying pipes and ducting. Jennie Ward reports.

The right to train is good for business, says Logic4training

Mark Krull, Director for Logic4training calls on businesses to take another look at the Government's ‘Right to Request Time to Train' scheme, which could help fill skills gaps in the building services engineering sector and beyond, following a recent report that the scheme is not known about or dismissed by eligible organisations.

Heat network data can bring new business

Data gathered from heat networks can be used to drive-down energy costs, and that’s exactly the kind of help customers want. Anthony Coates-Smith, Director at Insite Energy, explains why.

Specflue's eight-point winter plan

To help wood and solid fuel heating installers make the most of what can be the busiest time of year, Specflue has created an eight-point plan to prepare for winter; to ensure customers are kept safe, appliances are efficient and installers can carry out their job effectively and to a high standard.

Top five energy saving tips this winter

The average energy bill for a three bedroom house in the UK is £98 a month, or £1,066 a year. This figure is set to rise over winter, as we use around 40% of our annual energy consumption during the colder months.

The challenge of delivering a world class apprenticeship framework

Graeme Dryden, APHC’s Technical Services Manager, discusses the challenges involved in creating a new framework for plumbing and heating apprenticeships in England, and explains how industry associations are coming together to set up a new scheme

Bosch provides heating solution for sixth oldest school in the world

As part of an extensive sustainability programme and after suffering several legacy boiler failures, Royal Grammar School Worcester required a reliable and efficient heating solution across its seven plant rooms. Bosch Commercial and Industrial stepped in to help.

The ageing population and inclusive bathroom design

Martin Walker, CEO of Methven UK, discusses the role played by technology and design in the creation of usable bathrooms for the ageing population, and what this means for builders and installers.

Devil in the details

Amid the dominant trend for minimalistic bathroom design, consumers continue to favour simple, pared-down taps and showers. Matthew Hicks, Product Manager at Bristan, talks about how installers can make the most of detailed minimalism.

Capitalise on new sectors

HVP met with Warmup at the ISH Exhibition to get the company’s views on the rapidly expanding smart controls market, and how installers can be sure they’re getting the most out of the sector.

On the level with wetrooms

HVP attended an Impey wetroom training day at Ascot to find out more about the company’s offering for installers.

New kid on the block

It’s not often that a completely new business enters the boiler market. KD Navien, a global manufacturer based in South Korea, is bringing its combi boilers to the UK, offering installers an alternative to the traditional brands. HVP visited its factory to find out more.

Plastic pipe myths revealed

Des Dolan answers some of the misconceptions regarding the performance of plastic pipework systems

The pros and cons of flue gas recirculation

Phil Pett, Technical Sales Manager at EOGB Energy Products, looks at the pros and cons of the flue gas recirculation technique in heating systems and its effectiveness in reducing NOx emissions

Campaign for change

As the Gas Safety Superheroes campaign continues to gather pace, HVP sits down with co-founder and installer Paul Hull to find out why he is keen to effect real change within the industry.

Getting the right heating mix for your school

Pete Mills, Commercial Technical Operations Manager at Bosch Commercial and Industrial, explains some of the most important considerations to make when it comes to heating and hot water in schools.

Considering commissioning of a commercial heating system

Dave Ward, Service Engineer at Hamworthy Heating, explains what a commissioning job entails and why it’s worth considering not just in terms of efficiency, but also customer safety.

Five Top Tips for Bathrooms in Multi-Generational Homes

With World Population Day on 11th July and the rising UK population leading to an increase in 3G living here are five top tips for multi-generational families.

Sentinel training packs a punch with students

Plumbing and heating apprentices studying towards National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) are now benefiting from special online training and in-class training packs prepared by water treatment specialist Sentinel.

The future of oil in domestic and light commercial applications

Martin Cooke looks at the current state of the oil heating industry and what challenges lie ahead in the future

The importance of quality woodfuel

Quality is key when it comes to choosing the right wood fuel for woodburning stoves, explains Helen Bentley Fox.

New benefits to CIPHE membership

Paul Harmer and Tim Sainty of The Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering (CIPHE) spoke to HVP about the Institute's commitment to its members, and the changes they have made since commencing their roles in 2016 and early 2017, respectively.

Who plumbs the world?

HVP met with JTL Ambassador, Hollie Heffer, to find out more about the opportunities available to would-be apprentices.

From tools to tundish

HVP spoke to Russell Armstrong, inventor of the hotun dry trap tundish, to find out how he found a niche to fill in the industry, and what makes his approach as a manufacturer different

The smart way forward for consumer utilities

Nick Cowley, country manager MCL Utilities, looks at the impact and benefits of smart meters

Boosting your business with new talent

With many employers looking to expand or diversify to capitalise on the growing and competitive gas engineering market, Mark Krull takes a look at the benefits of nurturing new industry talent and workers from related trades in order to upskill business operations and the industry as a whole.

Why airflow is important in heating and cooling systems

Richard Betts discusses why airflow is the single most critical element in the correct operation of all air heating and cooling systems.

Installers: helping the next generation

Richard Newman looks at how the industry can help the next generation of installers to make their mark.

Water saving: the facts installers need to know

Chris Taylor, product expert at Bristan, discusses the role that installers play in helping their customers save water.