Top tips on how to cut clay pipes

When the time comes to cut clay pipe on site, Hepworth Clayware believes the best practice approach is to use standard short lengths instead. However, if you are going to cut clay pipe, Paul Wydell, offers some top tips to make sure you do it right.

Do you know your CDM regulations?

Which? Trusted Traders offers advice on how to comply with the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015

Debunking the myths behind working at height

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) describes working at height as a leading cause of industrial injuries and death. Employers and employees are legally bound to take reasonable care to protect themselves and others from the dangers of the workplace, and the HSE requires all employers to follow a hierarchy of control measures.

Always be prepared

As switching to renewable technology is becoming more popular, Tim Pollard explains the preparations that property owners will need to take before having renewables installed, and how installers can help.

Stocking up means staying safe

Personal protective equipment is often overlooked because it is perceived too cumbersome for day-to-day tasks, which can leave professionals exposed to risks. Paul Burnett looks at the equipment that best ensures plumbers’ health & safety.

Go limited and save on tax

David Anderson explains why businesses might consider incorporating a limited company to help them make substantial tax savings in the future.

Sizing up system savings

It is important that installers supply customers with a correctly sized appliance. David Iszchak identifies considerations necessary for installers to achieve this.

Identifying the silent killer

Colourless, odourless and tasteless, carbon monoxide is a substance that can be fatal without giving its victims any clear warning of its presence. John Lawless told HVP what role he believes installers and engineers have in educating the public.

Practice makes perfect

Jed Smith highlights the importance of manufacturer training to get the most out of new products.

Upskill your staff

According to new reports, UK firms are facing a skills gap. Mark Krull looks at the options for businesses in the heating and plumbing sector to plug this shortage, creating employees with the right talent through training.

Boost your bottom line

Phil Viner looks at the new pipe and fitting technologies helping to keep installers ahead of the game.

The bugbears of business

Adam Bernstein suggests solutions to some of the common problems that small businesses can encounter.

Safety first

Mike Wright explores the technology behind low surface temperature radiators, and explains what the flourishing market means for installers.

Invest to progress

As the demand for smart homes continues to rise, it’s clear there is a lucrative market to capitalise on. However, the only way for installers to carve out their share is to remain one step ahead, explains Andy Mansfield.

The future of the industry

In the second of a three part special on apprenticeships, HVP speaks with Hanover Building Services & Contractors about the reality of taking on an apprentice.

Douches – what the installer needs to know

With more and more douches being installed in UK households, Julie Spinks comments on the cross contamination issues that can occur and how this can be tackled

Heating water: instantaneous solutions

Heating water at point-of-use can make sense when looking for efficient solutions for shared or communal buildings, says Paul Colebrook. Here, he explains some of the benefits of installing instantaneous water heaters.

Water treatment: treat it right first time

Sometimes it’s the small things that can make a big difference. Richard Harvey looks at how installers can get the most out of water treatment

Keeping underfloor simple

Heather Oliver shares her top tips for a straightforward UFH installation.

Getting tough on refrigerants

Carl Dickinson explains the implications of the European legislation that will see bans on the use of various refrigerants.

The value of going green

According to recent research, one in three house buyers believes that green technology adds value to a home. Simon Holden looks at the benefits of choosing renewables, whether or not customers are eligible for the government’s green schemes.

Here comes the rain again

2014 was the warmest year since records began, but it was also the 4th wettest – so harvesting rainwater is a no brainer. Tim Pollard talks about the great business potential of this emerging market.

Prescribing the right treatment

Poor system health is now regularly attributed to the presence of dirt, but this diagnosis may not always address the root cause of system problems or result in the most effective water treatment, says Roger Williams. Here, he explores the relationship between air and system performance.

Smart to switch

The government wants to help householders reduce their energy bills with its ‘Power to Switch’ campaign. Tradespeople must play their part by advising their customers on which devices can help them save money more easily, says Andrew Stimpson

Keeping underfloor simple

Heather Oliver shares her top tips for a straightforward UFH installation

The future of the industry

HVP speaks to JTL about the options for businesses wanting to take on an apprentice, but who are put off by the levels of red tape.

Delays hamper community energy efficiency schemes

Installers in London have said they are experiencing long delays while carrying out work funded by the Green Deal. Cristina Brooks reports.

The right to go on holiday

Mark Stevens, a solicitor at Veale Wasbrough Vizards, explains the contractual obligations employers must adhere to when dealing with employee holiday requests.

Dealing with the pressure

The laws of physics cannot be broken, warns HWA member Isaac Occhipinti. Here, he explains why it’s important to work with the mechanics of vented and unvented hot-water systems.

Uniting against fuel poverty

Roger Webb, director of the Heating & Hotwater Industry Council, explains how a united approach from industry and government is required to end fuel poverty in the UK

Like a duck to water

Daniel Cheung explains how installers and plumbers can make a smooth transition into light-commercial work by getting the water treatment process right every time.

Getting into hot water

Chris Tranter advises on a new technology designed to make easier work of washroom safety in commercial environments.

The benefits of a smart home

Heating controls have evolved significantly over the past few years, becoming smarter and more compact. It’s important that the installer evolves at the same pace as the industry to avoid being left behind. Here, Andy Mansfield explains how.

Power flushing packs a punch

Kamco’s Keith MacBain outlines the benefits of power flushing in comparison to other cleaning methods when it comes to taking care of your boiler.

Good-looking website, but is it legal?

SGH Martineau’s Andrew Brennan warns businesses that ignorance of the law is no defence when it comes to managing a website.

There is room for women in the electrical and heating and plumbing sectors

Training provider JTL is placing significant investment into its Ambassadors Initiative for the second year, proving that there is room in the electrical and heating and plumbing sectors for women.

Hot water for an impatient nation

Isaac Occhipinti takes a look at how hot water storage plays a part in timely distribution

Don’t believe all the hype

Nigel Morrison discusses why oil heating is still a viable option for rural properties and how the future looks bright for the industry

The right choice for your business

Mark Krull looks at how installers can determine which renewables are right for their business and the types of customers each will attract

Getting the basics right

As designer radiators continue to grow in popularity, it’s important to remember the basics when it comes to their selection and installation. Here, Gareth Charles looks at how to ensure radiators are sized and sited correctly

Tackling fuel poverty now

OFTEC will once again be joining forces with Age UK and the Energy Bill Revolution to help raise awareness of the millions of people in the UK who struggle to heat their homes, explains Jeremy Hawksley

The booming business of biomass

Finian Parrick advises installers on what to consider and the steps to take before moving into biomass

The good, the bad and the ugly

Stephen Knight discusses the domestic RHI to date, giving an overview of statistics and outlining the positive and negative points of the scheme

Female plumbers in the pink

Jo Lawrence, owner of the Pink Plumbers brand, explains why she joined the industry and why it’s so important that more support is made available for other women who want to become plumbers

Train to sustain your business

Regular training is vital to ensure best specification and installation practice, says Jamie Harris. Here, he advises on the current training resources available for today’s busy installers.

Point of use water heating

Redring talks to HVP about the products it has developed to combat the amount of water and energy wasted waiting for water to heat up

Approaching heat recovery systems

Polypipe discusses how to approach ‘green’ ventilation systems in refurbishments as more people look to renovate their existing properties

LPG: The off-grid alternative

Paul Madge advises heating engineers on the benefits of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a viable choice for off-grid fuel

Raising the bar

Isaac Occhipinti discusses the evolution of industry standards for hot water cylinders, and their importance in maintaining high quality products

The scale of the problem

Many UK water systems struggle with the build up of scale. Traditionally, salt-based systems have been used but, given the many concerns about this option, Tony Klimas suggests the industry consider an alternative solution