Time to remove unnecessary regulations?

Robert Burgon asks whether the government review of Building Standards will do much to help the construction industry.

It is worth finding the time to visit exhibitions

Plumber and heating engineer George Drake reveals why he still makes the time to visit trade exhibitions such as PHEX.

Workplace pensions - many plumbing employees are in!

Why plumbing employees should welcome new pension plans, by Robert Burgon, SNIPEF chief executive and pensions manager for Plumbing Pensions.

Accessing Green Deal training gets easier

Why it has now become easier for Gas Safe Registered heating engineers to become approved to install Green Deal-financed systems.

Why do we waste water?

Martin Smith from Plumber24hours asks why we waste so much water.

A boiler breakdown - in pictures

HVP blogger Paul Dooley took his camera along when he went to fix a recent boiler breakdown.

Does our industry need any more policing?

Paul Dooley recalls how mandatory registration with Gas Safe tightened up the industry, and looks forward to a water safety scheme.

BURGON'S BLOG: Gas safety cannot be ignored

Gas Safety Week is a good opportunity to remind us all of the importance of keeping ourselves and our neighbours safe from the negative consequences of gas.

READER'S BLOG: Upgrading boilers reduces gas bills

New HVP blogger Paul Dooley from Plannet Plumbing talks about his latest straightforward boiler installation, which will help reduce his customers' gas bills.

BURGON'S BLOG: Good plumbing needs to be paid for

Plumbers should stand firm when customers try to get out of paying reasonable amounts for services, believes Robert Burgon, SNIPEF chief executive.

BURGON'S BLOG: Who's to blame for cash-in-hand payments?

As government minister David Gauke attacks plumbers who accept cash payments from customers in order to avoid paying tax, SNIPEF chief executive officer Robert Burgon asks who is really to blame.

BURGON'S BLOG: Beware of rogue customers!

While rogue traders are often highlighted in the media, rogue customers are also a growing problem, believes Robert Burgon, chief executive officer of SNIPEF.

BURGON'S BLOG: If Green Deal happens, it must be made to work

Robert Burgon on why the Green Deal is so important to the future of the heating and plumbing industry, and why, once implemented, it cannot be allowed to fail.

BURGON'S BLOG: Gas needs to be respected

Guest blogger Robert Burgon says a gas engineer's recent three-year prison sentence for manslaughter after a 'botched installation' must be a wake-up call to other tradesmen.

BURGON's BLOG: Watersafe is an exciting opportunity

Robert Burgon, CEO of SNIPEF and a past chairman of the World Plumbing Council, shares some thoughts on plumbing in the second in his series of regular blogs with HVPmag.

BURGON'S BLOG: Robert Burgon on why we should all support World Plumbing Day

In the first of a regular monthly blog Robert Burgon, CEO of SNIPEF and a past chairman of the World Plumbing Council, shares some thoughts on plumbing.

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