TA Team: Helps a plan come together

Published:  27 April, 2010

Tour & Andersson has launched a hand-held measuring device, the TA-Scope, together with aiding software.

The wireless instrument has been designed to verify, measure and balance the flow, differential pressure, temperature and power of complex systems efficiently.

As a result of its compact size and lightweight nature, the TA-Scope presents a system that is easier to use in small spaces and situations that could otherwise prove dangerous if using a large measuring and balancing tool.

The company said from a health and safety perspective, the TA-Scope does not pose the risk of mercury contaminating the system, which is something that can be dangerous when using manual manometers, as the tool can back-flush mercury into the system.

Hydronic networks can be created with the TA-Scope, which integrates with TA-Balance software to aid troubleshooting and data logging. An independent sensor communicates with the TA-Scope to deliver data quickly, thereby enabling contractors to balance a system, troubleshoot hydronic problems and log system performance.

Because data is captured digitally, the TA-Scope can be connected to a computer using a USB cable so that information can be uploaded to TA Select, the HVAC design software. This means it is easy for consultants and designers to determine the most economical system design, the correct size valve requirements and pre-setting values. From here the user can print reports taken directly from the system using the TA-Scope.

With a simple user interface, the icon display makes navigating the tools quick and easy. Low power consumption and long battery life means that one full charge of the unit provides three full days of wireless performance. The compact size of the unit means it is easily transportable in comparison to the UK standard, slipping easily into a pocket while on site.

A company spokesperson said the TA-Scope helps to “ensure systems operate with optimum efficiency”.