UKLPG urges home and business users to #getaheadforwinter

Published:  10 November, 2014

Rural householders and business owners should check their supplies of LPG before the cold weather sets in. That's the call from UKLPG, the trade body for the liquefied petroleum gas industry, which is urging users of LPG to #getaheadforwinter.

2. If your boiler is 15 years old or more it is probably time to replace it. Make sure you go for an energy efficient condensing boiler which could cut your heating bills significantly and now achieves running efficiencies of 90%.







3. Bleed your radiators, releasing any air trapped in them. This will improve your heating efficiency instantly as hot water can flow into every part of the radiator, so it does a better job of warming your room.


For more advice, follow @UKLPG on Twitter or use the hashtag #getaheadforwinter.