Lunch 'n' Learn with DMS

Published:  09 August, 2017

On the 16 August, DMS Metering Solutions are hosting a Lunch ‘N’ Learn four hour session where its team will be explaining the Sontex Superstatic range of Heat Meters, including the latest software overviews on AMR, Data Collection, M-BUS, Radio, Wireless Radio and Billing.

The Lunch ‘n’ Learn sessions are a free four-hour tuition morning where you can gain further knowledge, network with other professionals in the industry after a lunch is served.

Over the years many things have changed in the energy market, DMS are conscientious with keeping up to date with the latest industry regulations and developments, ensuring it is fully accurate and a time worthy morning.

DMS’s Technical Manager Chris Bishop runs the sessions and the classes are kept to a maximum of ten delegates.

The schedule consists of operation and installation details for the Superstatic 440 Heat Meter (SS440), Superstatic 449 Heat Meter (SS449) and SS749 and an overview of the Supercal SS440, SS449 and SS749. Plus, a software overview for the Supercal SS440, SS449 and the SS749.

Chris will also demonstrate the Sontex Radio, Elvaco M-Bus & Elvaco GSM Data Collection methods, finishing the morning with a discussion on Data Collection.

We have free parking on site and we are located just 10 minutes from Junction 26 on the M1. There are also local bus & train stations located nearby. There is also another session being held on August 23.

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